Call for Papers

April 12, 2024

May 12, 2024 (extended)

Special Session Proposal Deadline

May 17, 2024

May 27, 2024 (extended)

Regular Paper Submission Deadline

July 5, 2024

Live Demo Submission Deadline

August 9, 2024

Author Notification Date

August 23, 2024

BioCAS Student Travel Grants Application Deadline

September 6, 2024

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October 4, 2024

Conference Registration

BioCAS 2024 is a premier international forum for presenting interdisciplinary research and development activities at the crossroads of medicine, life sciences, physical sciences and engineering that shape tomorrow's medical devices and healthcare systems. This conference brings together members of our communities to broaden their knowledge in emerging areas of research at the interface of life sciences and circuits and systems engineering.

The three-day single track program of BioCAS 2024 is multidisciplinary with topics including but not limited to:


Biosensor Devices and Interface Circuits

Body Area/Sensor Networks and Wireless Health Monitoring

Implantable and Wearable Health Devices and systems

Bio-Inspired and Neuromorphic Circuits and Systems

Electronics for Neuroscience

Innovative Circuits for Medical Applications

Biofeedback, Neuromodulation, and Closed-Loop Systems

Assistive, Rehabilitation, and Quality of Life Technologies

Biotelemetry and Energy Harvesting/Scavenging Circuits and Systems

Lab-on-Chip / BioMEMS / Point-of-Care Devices


Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) for Healthcare

Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing

Bio-signal Recording, Processing, and Machine Learning

Genomics and Systems Biology » Human-Machine Interfaces

Medical Information Systems and Bioinformatics


Smart devices for containing pandermics

Flexible devices and circuits for biomedical applications

Brain-computer interface